Making Good Things Happen in Your Community

Making Good Things Happen in Your Community

What are Mini Peel Cards?

Mini Peel Cards are patented coupon cards that usually feature 32 miniature peel-off coupons (mini peels). They fold in half to the size of a credit card and fit right into your wallet, so they’re always close by to take advantage of the discounts. Each card contains several hundreds of dollars in valuable coupons. The mini peel coupons may be redeemed at any participating merchant location. Mini Peel Cards are simple to handle and easy to sell, making them the ultimate fundraising solution!

Why Mini Peel?

Then let us introduce you to Canada’s easiest, most efficient and most profitable fundraising program available. Mini Peel is a WIN WIN WIN Fundraising Program!

Helping to raise over $1,000,000 for fundraising groups all across Canada

Sudbury U12 JAM

As a Team we absolutely LOVE doing the mini peel card fundraiser! They are so easy to sell, as they hold instant value. Last year we sold 270 that’s $2,700 raised for our team of  11 boys!!! It is by far the fundraiser that raises us the most money! We were able to buy the whole team new top of the line uniforms with just this one fundraiser! We will be participating in the mini peel fundraiser every year from now on!