Why Mini Peel?

Let us introduce you to Canada’s easiest, most efficient and most profitable fundraising program available. No more need to sell donuts, magazines or chocolate bars.¬†With savings so huge, Mini Peel Cards sell themselves! Not to mention Mini Peel Cards are so easy to handle and store compared to other fundraiser options.

Mini Peel is a WIN WIN WIN Fundraising Program!

WIN for the Customer

  • Only $20 for $300-800+ in LOCAL Savings!
  • Support a local team/group
  • Deals at LOCAL restaurants, events, family activities and more!

WIN for the Vendor

  • Free advertising to LOCAL families
  • Support a local team/group
  • Bring in new customers or bring back old ones again!

WIN for the Fundraiser

  • Cards sell themselves!
  • Easy program to manage, track, and promote
  • $100’s in prizes/incentives available for your group!
  • No Minimum Requirements
  • RISK FREE Loaner Program – Only pay for the cards you end up selling!
  • Pre-Pay Bonus Program – MORE PROFIT!